Recent polls may reveal that American disapproval with Congress is at an all-time high. But we all know how this is going to end; the vast majority of these walking-talking-preaching-leeching failures will be reelected next November.

via The Congress We Deserve – Andrew Cohen – Politics – The Atlantic.

As the markets crumble, and the very solvency of the nation’s financial system is being called into question, the majority of Americans will place the blame for this impending doom squarely at the feet of Congress; where it doesn’t belong.  What baffles me most is that when the system fails to produce results that reflect what the majority of citizens desire, most look around as if they never understood the fundamental mechanics of a representative democracy in the first place.  Namely, that we the people are responsible not only for electing those who will represent our interests, both locally and nationally, in the legislative body but also for holding those same individuals accountable once they enter office.

It is like setting a pot of water on the stove to simmer and then walking away, no longer paying it much heed.   What one finds when they return hours later is a molten heap of metal with the water long evaporated.  Congress is very much the same.  Once elected, if they are not monitored regularly they are likely to melt into a heaping mess of nonsense, with reason and intellect long evaporated.