Almost three months after losing his partner to a senseless hate crime, Bradfield is now facing yet another tragedy: a criminal justice system that says his and Anderson’s relationship doesn’t count in the eyes of the law….Despite the fact that Anderson spent more than half his adult life with Bradfield by his side, under Mississippi law, same-sex partners have no claim in civil actions.

via Shut Out: Mississippi Hate Crime Shows the Mistreatment of Gay Widowers – Politics – GOOD.

Here is a case where the state court of Mississippi is being asked not whether gay marriages or civil unions should be recognized under state law as valid or legitimate, but whether or not the partner of a man killed as the result of a hate crime, should himself be allowed to sue in civil court.

We have to ask ourselves what kind of “justice” is appropriate in a nation where the life partner of a man, killed for being black, and the now a single father cannot seek justice for himself and his child simply because they are gay.  While the state of Mississippi may believe that gay marriage is inappropriate or a violation of God’s law, what rationale can be offered to prevent someone from seeking relief when their partner and co-parent is killed?  Is the law not blind to the sexual status of someone who sues for a violation of contract or malpractice; what difference can be offered when someone’s seeks damages as the result of another’s negligence?