Join us in celebrating and representing U.C. Berkeley’s diverse community!”

“We recognize we still have a long way to go in bridging the gaps in understanding the complexities of race, gender and sexuality, but we take the first steps by taking our first bite of free Conscious Cupcakes in solidarity!

via ‘Diversity Bake Sale’ at Berkeley Is Priced by Race and Sex –

The aim of this “bake sale” is to point out the glaring inadequacies of affirmative action programs, which in the view of some give an unfair advantage to undeserving racial minorities in college admissions processes.  The purpose of the bake sale is to help minorities see that they are being given the same product at prices inferior to whites, for no other reason than the color of their skin.  An analogy that they are asked to apply to their presence at that college, essentially saying to them you are here for no other reason than because you are non-white.

Is that the message that we wish to send to minority students at colleges around the nation, that they have been given something that they haven’t “earned” and should feel guilty for the opportunity currently afforded them?  Or are we hoping to teach white students that minorities have once again sought to get something they haven’t earned at the hands of benevolent whites, who once again prop up society through their hard work and diligence?  Talk about building up a privileged white society!

Can we tolerate this kind of race baiting at publicly funded institutions or is it time for equality and racial sensitivity to be taught at our nation’s college along side chemistry and english lit?