Americans who believe the dream has not been realized are about as likely to say the U.S. has made major progress toward attaining it as to say it has made minor progress or none at all. Thus, although a bare majority believe the dream has been realized, a total of 74% of Americans believe either that it has been realized or that major progress has been made.

via Americans Divided on Whether King’s Dream Has Been Realized.

As we reflect back on the many sacrifices made by great men and women, such as the Revered Fred Shuttlesworth and Joseph Lowery, in fighting for the rights of all citizens, we are reminded that although we have made great progress in advancing the dream it may yet to have been fully recognized in our society.

Do you believe, like those polled, that America has made great strides in achieving the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. that one day all men and women would live in racial harmony?  Or do you believe that like the 49% percent of those polled that America has failed to realize that epic vision and is instead caught in a sort of racial time warp?  Perhaps we simply finding new groups within our society to oppress and the time for their movement has yet to come?