The more a journalistic organization defines itself in partisan or ideological terms, the more likely it is to run anxiety-provoking stories that have no direct connection to partisan politics or issues of ideological dispute.

via Are Cable News Channels Trying to Scare Us? – Conor Friedersdorf – Politics – The Atlantic.

So they aren’t biased, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t scary!  What we can take away from these clouds is the proposition that news channels may be less interested in supporting a political ideology and more interested in scaring their audience into dependancy.

What is the purpose of a media that reports mostly sensational items aimed at developing an underlying fear and anxiety amongst viewers that only be salved by turning to the very source of their torture?  Are these news outlets acting as both perpetrator and rescuer; assuaging the very fears that they have themselves implanted?  Do most citizens even know that the media they rely on to tell that the sky isn’t falling is in fact building a trap ceiling that will likely come down any minute?