[if]Latinos just vote their values, vote what they believe, they would vote Republican

via The GOP’s Hispanic Problem – Molly Ball – Politics – The Atlantic.

It has always been assumed that minority voters represent the foundation of the modern Democratic party; a solid bloc of electoral support since the days of FDR’s New Deal.  What we see happening today, however, is a shift in the base of the modern party.  No longer can certain groups be counted on to deliver the votes for a party’s candidate.  Instead, parties must rethink their platforms in order to meet the needs of voters and to solicit the support of both new and old voting blocs.

Should parties shift their message in order to win the support of certain segments of American voters, specifically Hispanic Americans in this case?  Or should parties establish a platform that speaks to all of its constituencies and then take its chances on election day, hoping that its message will resonate with voters more than the other guys?  What happens to the electoral process if parties become vacillating entities, changing at the whim of certain group of voters, never constant nor consistent in its message?