This frame is convenient to conservatives who hope to drive a wedge between working-class voters and the occupiers, much as Nixon brilliantly played construction workers against privileged hippies. That’s the theme of an outrageous advertisement assailing Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren by Crossroads GPS, the group associated with Karl Rove. It accuses Warren, a Democrat, of siding with occupiers who “attack police, do drugs and trash public parks.”

via The Occupation doesn’t have to be over – The Washington Post.

Can the Occupy movement still be successful in light of its seeming inability to frame its own issues in a way that resonates with the 99% it purports to represent?  Or has the conservative media been so successful in its campaign to paint the protestors as “demonic” [so labeled by conservative femme fatale Ann Coulter], and “dirty hippies” that most have turned away from the movement that was established to speak for them?

What must the various occupy movements do to reignite the success that they found in the early weeks of September when they first laid claim to the public spaces of midtown Manhattan?  Can they find their voice again and will they find a home amongst one of the major political parties; will a candidate be so brave as to lay claim to the plight of those spending long, cold nights sleeping out in the open to bring light to the injustices being faced by the majority of Americans?  One wonders whether the candidate that does seek an endorsement from those “demonic” elements will not in fact reap the king’s ransom?