Any military detention authority contained in the AUMF, Authorized of the Use of Military Force, occurs as an incident of the necessary and appropriate use of military force. Any such use of force is at the exclusive discretion of the president, subject of course to constitutional and international law constraints.

via Terrorist Detainee Rules Are Not McCarthyist.

Recently the president of the United States signed the Defense Authorization bill, which gives the president the authority to order the detention of political prisoners, whose crimes are associated with the terrorist acts of September 11th, for an indefinite period of time, without the benefit of trial or attorney.  Many have argued that this awesome power afforded the president, rather being necessary for the security of our nation, returns us instead to a period of McCarthyism; where dissenters of the American government will be labeled enemies of the state and treated as such.

Do you believe that the ability for the president to enact such provisions is a necessary means to ensure the security of the United States?  Should the government sometimes suspend the habeas corpus rights of individuals in order to protect the greater good?  Do you believe that that current legislation is specific enough to prevent the use of this military force against non-terrorists?