As Congress was set to reconvene on Monday, House Republicans said Mr. Romney could go his own way on smaller issues that may help define him as separate from his Congressional Republican counterparts. But, they said, he must understand that they are driving the policy agenda for the party now.

“We’re not a cheerleading squad,” said Representative Jeff Landry, an outspoken freshman from Louisiana. “We’re the conductor. We’re supposed to drive the train.

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A responsible party is supposed to present a clear and distinct platform to voters upon which they can make an educated selection for elected office; once the winning party takes office they should implement the promises made.  While Mitt Romey has been winning voters from one shining sea to the other, it appears that his party doesn’t trust him to devise a winning platform for the November election.

Perhaps the question begs asking, what do voters really consider when selecting a candidate?  Do they consider the policy positions of candidate A and candidate B, choosing that candidate whose policy stances best align with their own?  Or are they making decisions based on the personality traits of the men and women themselves, regardless of their party’s platform?  If the later is true, one has to wonder why the Republican party is pressing so hard to wrestle the mantel of control from the hands of Mitt Romney?  Perhaps they haven’t studied theories of elections and they don’t know that most voters are in the middle already-right where Romney seems to be most comfortable.